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Allure Systems


Allure Systems
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Allure Systems combines proprietary hardware with advanced virtualization techniques and computer vision technologies to create stunning on-figure garment images for clothing retailers.  Each final image is a composite of a virtualized model and a garment photograph, and is indistinguishable from a single, real image.

Any of your models can appear to be wearing any of your clothes, but no longer need to attend a photo shoot; in fact, only stylists and garments are required to create new product images, transforming the productivity dynamic of any studio and rewriting your cost-per-image calculations.

With augmented reality and 3D destined to deliver initiatives such as improved experience, better image search and personalization, Allure Systems imagery also future-proofs your image assets.  While traditional photography can never produce 3D or AR-ready images for you – every Allure Systems studio can deliver 3D/AR-ready content for incorporation into future projects. 


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