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Afresh Technologies
Afresh Technologies
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Afresh is the world’s leading fresh technology company helping grocers make smarter decisions throughout their fresh supply chain, ultimately increasing profits and significantly reducing food waste.

Today, retail associates at leading grocers like Albertsons Companies optimize fresh operations using AI-powered technology from Afresh. As a result, millions of customers fill their baskets with the high-quality fresh food they crave, no matter when or where they shop. 

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The Future of Fresh

Over the past year, retailers have navigated changing workforce dynamics, customer demand for seamless omnichannel experiences, and fluctuating economic conditions.


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Fresh Ordering

Efficient and accurate store ordering and operations
- Store-level ordering
- Order guide management
- Store-level reporting
- Guide organization
- Schedule management
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Fresh Inventory Management

Streamlined ending inventory and accurate financials
- Inventory guide management
- Ending inventory workflows
- Inventory results