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The pedigree of the AFMS senior management team is unparalleled in our consulting space, averaging more than 25 years of senior pricing and sales experience for various transportation carriers like UPS, FedEx and DHL, the important foundation upon which our 30 years of business success has been built.

AFMS inside pricing knowledge is why the largest shippers in the US and Europe use our benchmarking and pricing expertise. Companies like GE, Sony, Disney, Under Armour, StockX, Dell, Honda, Toyota, DSW, Trek, Johnson & Johnson, Bose and over 3,000 more of some of the world’s largest shippers have all negotiated best-in-class shipping rates with the help of AFMS.

Our fact-based negotiation strategies, advice, and management solutions are the key strengths providing AFMS clients with the best shipping rates among various peer companies. On average our clients typically save 15-25% more than companies that don’t use AFMS. Our senior managers are actively involved in every aspect of our client’s contract negotiation strategies and discussions. 


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