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Advanced Pricing Logic, Inc.


Advanced Pricing Logic, Inc.
Advanced Pricing Logic, Inc.
Booth # 1300
Seal Beach, CA
United States

APL is a SaaS provider of performance-based pricing, promotion, kits, and competitive insight for retailers and distributors.   APL helps retailers scientifically manage and optimize product pricing. Created by retailers for retailers, Pricexpert delivers consistent ROI with a low TCO.  Leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms, APL delivers artificial intelligence-based pricing solutions that retailers use to price and analyze price change impacts, as well as to track price change results vs. the forecasted impact. With Pricexpert, retailers can obtain cutting-edge analytics, an experienced business partner and an emerging solution for today’s competitive retail industry.

Pricing is our passion.



Retailers and distributors can now navigate the complexities of price optimization in an intuitive, robust, analytical interface. This solution provide actionable data needed to support corporate strategies and price intelligently.