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Booth # 1804
Wood Dale, IL
United States

ACD Gruppe is the leading European manufacturer of mobile computing devices and solutions for logistics, retailing, and industrial efficiency.  ACD offers customer specific solutions with rugged industrial products, designed through German engineering and worldwide manufacturing capacity.  Flexible and nimble enough to customize your solution through a "Build Your Own Device" approach, our satisfied customers do business in many verticals. Medical, food, mechanical, and commercial manufacturers, retailers, warehouse distributors, and others. Our clients, many of whom you will recognize as significant leaders in their fields, enjoy higher efficiency performance with lower costs. Now with Chicago, Illinois manufacturing assembly operations, contact us today for a demonstration!  German Engineering/American Assembled.

See Efficiency Devices in action here: and here:

Show Specials

Show Only Special Discount on MAX Mobile Workstation

German Engineered/American Assembled MAX Mobile Workstations will be available for demonstration in our booth (1804) at NRF.

Customized for your operation, we will offer a special discount available for orders generated at the NRF show.

Come to booth 1804 to put your hands on MAX and learn the details for the Show Only Special Discount. Clink link below to configure your MAX.


Press Releases

German Engineered/American Assembled - MAX Mobile Workstation Demo in Booth 1804 at NRF

Mobile Workstation MAX: Mobilize warehouse IT and improve labor productivity!

The MAX Mobile Workstation is ideally suited for flexible data collection and independent work in the warehouse environment including logistics, receiving area, cross docking, shipping, manufacturing, food processing, quality control, and inventory control functions throughout your facilities, allowing printing on-the-go and eliminating wasted footsteps. Some use it as a flexible moveable cash register station too!

New M260TE with Android Industrial+ and 2D Long Range Scanner from ACD Gruppe

Scanning up to Twelve Meters: with the Mobile Terminal M260TE with Android™ Industrial+ and 2D-Longrange Scanner

The bestseller in warehouse logistics, the M260TE mobile terminal from ACD Elektronik GmbH, will now also be available in the Android™ Industrial+ version with an optional 2D long-range scanner. The advantages are plain to see: Modern user guidance familiar to users of Android™ smartphones, enormous scan ranges and all that combined with the quality of the German manufacturer!

New Patented M2Smart ACD Handheld Data Terminal to launch in USA at NRF

New Patented Modularity with the M2Smart® ACD and Android™ Industrial+ - Developed and Manufactured in Germany to debut in USA at NRF January 2020

The M2Smart® is a new, modularly structured manual terminal with attachable modules that can be connected using an insert/slide mechanism. That means a specific solution module is possible for each and every customer problem, erasing all limits on creativity and flexibility, improving your Operations.