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Accelerated Concepts Inc
Accelerated Concepts Inc
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Accelerated is a hardware designer and manufacturer specializing in cellular (LTE) networking equipment. Its initiatives – both OEM and commercial – include the ongoing development of the Accelerated View™ cloud management platform, enterprise VPN gateways, as well as an ever expanding line of LTE routers and network appliances for primary or backup connectivity (business continuity).

Providing the backbone for failover and M2M & IoT solutions, Accelerated equipment delivers serviceable internet access to areas with limited broadband availability. These devices can be configured, monitored, and maintained remotely using Accelerated View, granting unrivaled control to network administrators and the organizations they support.

Each product is fine-tuned to interoperate with existing infrastructure while also meeting certification requirements maintained by leading cellular carriers. Our latest routers include the 6300-CX, a compact 4G LTE router with flexible mounting accessories to ensure optimal signal strength, and the 6350-SR, a modular 4G router with integrated WAN failover, optional WiFi, dual-SIM support, and a plug-in modem that can be outfitted for LTE or LTE-A speeds.

Founded in 2006, Accelerated Concepts, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Brisbane, Australia. Contact us for more information.

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