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4R Systems


4R Systems
Booth # 2683
Berwyn, PA
United States

4R Systems provides retailers breakthrough technologies that profit optimize inventory decisions throughout an item’s life including:

  • Initial buy
  • Replenishment and allocation for stores and distribution centers
  • End-of-life strategies including markdowns

4R clients have increased profits by 100s of basis points. In fact, for a $1 billion retailer the profit improvements could be in the $10’s of millions. How? By profit optimizing decisions, such as how much and when to buy, how much inventory to put in each store or DC for replenishment items, when and how much to allocate for seasonal and fashion items, and how much and when to markdown at end-of-season.

Founded by supply chain experts Dr. Marshall Fisher of Wharton Business School and Dr. Ananth Raman of Harvard Business School—whose groundbreaking research on product lifecycles with over 30 world-class retailers pioneered retail supply chain analytics—4R provides retailers with services designed to maximize their profitability by the application of sophisticated retail and supply chain analytics. Some of Dr. Fisher and Dr. Raman’s research can be found in their book The New Science of Retailing: How Analytics are Transforming the Supply Chain and Improving Performance, which was released in 2010 by Harvard Business Press.

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