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Australia interactive video content platform is a platform for uploading, managing, customising and publishing standard and 360 content.It helps every business who wants to provide a more affecting experience by increasing engagement, participation, retention and action for a better overall experience. It generates some outcomes than they would otherwise have by not being there mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically, making your business really stands out. Product Overview

The interface empowers the final user to simply create standard and 360 video players with a range of customisable features including playlists, picture-in-picture videos and hotspots.These hotspots can be used as POS and CTA links to websites, forms or videos or as navigation points that allow the final user to explore and interact with the virtual environments. Once the videos are customised, every business can publish them across web, mobile and Android devices. also provides some powerful analytics, giving customers crucial insights into performance and optimisation. Key data includes user profiling, demographic, growth, device, OS + version, Location, Event tracking, Microsoft Power BI integration, CRM ad server integration. applications

With initial promotion and adoption in the gaming industry, there is growing adoption of 360 MR experiences across a range of industries from tourism to training, education to entertainment and marketing.

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Products Interactive Video Content Platform is a platform for uploading, managing, customising, and publishing standard and 360 content. We help create an immersive, interacting training experience that drives actionable outcomes for businesses.

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