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Cloudi-Fi’s mission is to provide retailers the same resources as ecommerce platforms. Namely, digital tools at the service of their stores to retain and increase their foot traffic.

With BRIDGITAL suite, we can easily convert any existing Wi-Fi into an efficient communication asset. It is possible to collect customers’ data in stores to retarget them later online. Cloudi-Fi names it as Phygital Retargeting.

In less than 2 years of sales, 4000+ stores have been activated in 60 countries and more than 10 millions of users have been using Cloudi-Fi services. What sets us appart is our ability to deliver a single solution across the globe by reusing the infrastructure in place.

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BRIDGITAL allows retailers to have the same resources as ecommerce platforms: digital convenience, collect data and personalized marketing campaigns onsite and online. BRIDGITAL retargeting increases store foot traffic and sales by 15% in average.
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BRIDGITAL brings new digital capabilities in stores: Identify and recognize the visitor without any loyalty program or purchasing act by reusing the existing WiFi. BRIDGITAL brings relevant and personalized content on mobiles without the need for a mobile app. Collect guest digital identity in stores to further interact with the visitors online and in store. This innovative new marketing channel is called Phygital Retargeting.

BRIDGITAL is designed for retailers, marketing teams and store managers:

  • Fully customize the user journey in store with Wi-Fi
  • Easily manage your contents and ads with the Phygital Module
  • Monetize the foot traffic and create exclusive content with brands
  • Get deeper analytics thanks to Cloudi-Fi reports. Reports can be customized by time slot, perimeters (countries / regions / stores) and profiles (user rights)
  • Merge customer data to existing CRM
  • No additional investments in hardware or software. The management and deployment of BRIDGITAL is 100% cloud and secure.
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