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Vicki Cantrell


Former SVP, Communities and Executive Director,
Transformational Business Strategies
Vicki Cantrell is a retail strategist, community builder, global executive, former Chief Operations Officer and Chief Information Officer in the retail industry. She most recently served as NRF’s Senior Vice President, Communities and Executive Director, In that role, she was responsible for providing strategic direction and management of, NRF’s digital retail division. Additionally, she provided oversight for the NRF communities, including the CIO Council, Digital Council, CMO Council, ARTS and Loss Prevention Council.

Prior to joining NRF, Cantrell served as the COO and CIO of Tory Burch during a period of extreme growth and expansion domestically and internationally. As COO, her work centered on the development of process and infrastructure for the transition from initial success to sustained growth. She was also a brand advocate and instrumental in developing ongoing employee and team strategies. During her storied retail career, Cantrell has also worked as CIO of Giorgio Armani Corporation and held positions of growing responsibility with Gucci Group, Party City and JCPenney.

Cantrell is a respected industry leader and is an active member of the Retail Orphan Initiative as a Donor Trustee since 2010. She also serves on the Influencer Advisory Board (IAB) of Sparks & Honey, an agency model based on cultural relevance.

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Sunday Jan 15
10:45 - 11:30 AM
Hall E, Room 1E 16, Level 1

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