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Tony Pedraza


Mgr, Results, Decision Support Analytics
Tony Pedraza has been with Walgreens for 12.5 years and is currently the manager of the Test & Learn Center of Excellence at Walgreens. His mission is to establish as best in class Center of Excellence working collaboratively and comprehensively with our community of analysts both inside and outside of Walgreens. He studied at the University of Illinois and is married with 3 kids. In his free time he coaches all 3 of his kids in multiple sports and won Citizen of the Year for all of his coaching/volunteering efforts.

Speaking in:

Monday Jan 16
9:15 - 10:00 AM
Hall A, Room 1A 06, Level 1
Join APT as we explore examples of how leading retailers are using new, cutting-edge data sources and experimentation to accelerate innovation and improve performance.