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Ryan Watchorn


Ryan is Cabela’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. He oversees a broad group of functional areas, including Omni-Channel Marketing, Brand Management, Marketing Operations, Enterprise Analytics, Enterprise Strategy and the Enterprise Portfolio Office.

He is responsible for bringing the Cabela’s Brand to market across Cabela’s Omni Channel platform –while engaging new and old customers with traditional advertising, and driving sales through a wide range of media that have been finely honed through Cabela’s rich legacy in direct marketing. Because of these critical responsibilities, Ryan is also entrusted with managing the data and insights that drive the enterprise, and developing the vision and strategic plan of the organization.

Prior to Ryan being Cabela’s Chief Marketing Officer, he held various leadership roles within Marketing over the past 18+ years at Cabela’s.

Prior to joining Cabela’s, Mr. Watchorn was employed by Grant Thornton, as a Certified Public Accountant.

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Monday Jan 16
1:15 - 2:00 PM
Hall E, Room 1E 14, Level 1

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