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Ronny Max


Silicone Waves
Ronny Max is the author of Behavior Analytics in Retail. She is a speaker, an analyst, and the founder of Silicon Waves, a consultancy specializing in productivity and performance analytics for the retail store, which includes InStore Analytics, Beacon Ecosystems, WiFi Tracking, People Counting, Queue Management, Schedule to Demand, and Location Analytics. Ronny worked with over 150 global retailers, technology companies, investment firms, and research institutions to design behavior analytics models, build growth policies, and advise on market trends and strategies.

Speaking in:

Tuesday Jan 17
2:30 - 3:00 PM
Hall E, Room 1E 16, Level 1

Physical stores had been overshadowed by the huge success of ecommerce. But the vast majority of sales still come from shoppers in physical stores. And technology is playing an ever greater role in winning over those customers. Retailers are... Read more