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Robin Helfand


Sweet Chief and Owner
Robin's Candy
Yes, there really is a Robin, and her vision, energy, and passion for candy is reflected in every ROBIN’S Candy Shop location. Robin and her dedicated “Treat Team” have helped to make ROBIN’S a unique and sweet mecca for candy lovers near and far. From the warm “Team Robin” welcome as you enter the shop, to the smile on the back of her signature “round-tuits” given with each purchase, a visit to ROBIN’S Candy Shop is always memorable. For the past nine years, Robin Helfand has gone about the business of making her shop into truly a one-of-a-kind retail destination. Her diverse business background has prepared her for the task. Robin joined Proctor & Gamble’s Brand Management team in its food division and worked in the Marketing and Financial practices of McKinsey & Co’s NY office before joining Dean & Deluca. She helped grow the company’s catering and direct sales business, and was instrumental in expanding its operations, ultimately becoming the first female manager at Dean & Deluca’s original store. She moved out of New York City to raise her three teenagers in New England, where she joined forces with Miles Cahn, owner of Coach Farm (and founder of Coach Leather). Cahn—known for his small batch goat cheeses—had been one of Robin’s early vendors at Dean & Deluca. How Robin ended up focusing exclusively on candy was actually the result of a happy accident: the market’s bread ovens made the store so hot, the chocolates would melt. “It came down to selling hot bread…and ’hot’ chocolate, or turning our focus from bread to chocolate,” Robin says. “We chose chocolate!” Today, at ROBIN’S Candy, the mix has grown from fine, hand crafted chocolate truffles to the broadest array of sweets including American classics, imported delicacies, and creative gifts. First-time customers become regulars, returning time and again for the happy shopping experience that defines each ROBIN’S Candy Shop visit and everyone leaves with a signature ROBIN’S travel toothbrush.

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