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Nicola Farinetti


Eataly US
Nicola Farinetti was born in Alba, Italy. He is currently the CEO of Eataly USA. 
Growing up, Nicola learned about running a business while working with his father and brothers at UniEuro, which his father Oscar grew into Italy's largest consumer electronics company. While attending college in Turin, Nicola studied political science, and soon after graduating, discovered his passion for the food industry while spending time working as a waiter.
With Nicola and his brothers' desire to create a place that housed the best regional ingredients of Italy and their father’s inspiration from the bazaars of Istanbul, the concept of Eataly was born. Nicola's father sold UniEuro in 2003 to focus full-time on the Eataly concept, which joins the elements of a lively European open market with an educational center, creating a unique culinary experience where eating, shopping, and learning co-exist and celebrate Italian culture. In 2007, Oscar founded the first Eataly in his hometown of Turin, Italy. 
Nicola helped bring the now largest Italian marketplace in the world to the U.S., starting with NYC Flatiron in 2010, Chicago in 2013, and NYC Downtown in August 2016. There are currently locations planned for Boston, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

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Sunday Jan 15
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