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John Cafarelli


President and Founder
Ernest Supplies
Growing up in New York as the son of a builder, John Cafarelli, the Founder of Ernest Supplies, learned at an early age the value of a guy having the right tools in his toolbox to be successful. He designed Ernest Supplies based on a similar premise of giving a guy the tools he needs to feel confident and look his best. After an unsuccessful search for skincare products that fit into his lifestyle of staying active, working hard and living well, he began developing his own products and engineered them to be simple and easy to use, highly efficacious and masculine.

Soon, his friends caught on, the products became sought after, and Ernest Supplies was born.

John’s interest in healthy living was a major motivator in formulating all of the products with nature inspired ingredients and to fit seamlessly into the lifestyle of active and healthy guys. His goal in building Ernest Supplies was to create a company that doesn’t look and feel like a traditional skincare company but more of a men’s specialty brand. Prior to letting his entrepreneurial nature get the best of him, John spent 10 years investing in and helping to grow well-­known brands, including Intermix, Skullcandy, All Saints, Morgenthal Frederics and others. When he’s not busy running Ernest Supplies, John is the National Chairman of amfAR Generation Cure, which helps raise money to support cure focused HIV research. He is also an Advisor to Paper Magazine and has been part of the team that has transitioned Paper’s business model from that of a traditional magazine to a dynamic content creation platform.

Speaking in:

Sunday Jan 15
11:00 - 11:45 AM
EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage, Level 1

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