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Winning Today’s Socially Aware Customer

Tuesday, January 17
North Hall, Level 2
Winning Today’s Socially Aware Customer

Trust is fast becoming the global – and most-valued – currency of modern time. If you’re not working to build and demonstrate it, then the future might be about to leave you behind. With trust and reputation in mind, customers – particularly from the Millennial Generation – are looking for more compelling reasons to shop than purely buying a product out of necessity or aspiration, providing a largely untapped element in driving profitability. Join co-founder and chief purpose officer of The Honest Company, Christopher Gavigan, and IKEA USA’s president, Lars Petersson, who will both share their company’s ethos with the socially aware consumer in mind. They will discuss building trust through brand authenticity and fostering genuine consumer relationships paired with a relentless focus on product excellence. Each speaker will share their unique perspectives on how developing a mutual respect between the organization and its market (through transparency, education, and purpose) is the most important factor driving the bottom line. They will also offer up insights for dealing with risk and maintaining an organization’s personal touch while it experiences growth.


EIR/Venture Partner
500 Startups
Founder and Chief Purpose Officer
The Honest Company