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Walgreens' 'Thank You' Approach to Personalized Marketing

Tuesday, January 17
Hall E, Room 1E 14, Level 1
Walgreens' 'Thank You' Approach to Personalized Marketing

Walgreens has the largest loyalty program in the US with over 85 million active members actively engaged in Balance Rewards. This not only provides its members with value through promoted prices and points, but also provides Walgreens with an incredibly rich customer behavioral database that is used to inform every strategy, every activation. Shortly after Balance Rewards launched in 2012, Walgreens partnered with emnos to begin using behavioral data to engage customers through personalized communications. This session provides insight into how Walgreens approaches personalized marketing, from engaging suppliers to generating the right offers, to reaching high-value customers by using purchase data and incorporating learning to continually optimize and scale the program.

Learn how Walgreens:

  • Transformed their basic marketing messages.
  • Implemented a personalized marketing framework.
  • Defined what successes looked like for them.
VP, Loyalty and Personalized Marketing
Managing Director
emnos, USA
Dir., Supplier Direct Marketing