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Tailoring the 21 Century Customer Experience

Sunday, January 15
North Hall, Level 2
Tailoring the 21 Century Customer Experience

Two sides of a coin can support the same mission - giving customers what they truly want. On one side, new technology creates an online environment that drives experience by enabling consumers to customize products with exact details to fit their personality and preferences. On the other side, retailers curate an experience with inimitable product sets based on a consumer's style, occasion and mood. In the end, each approach respectively underpins the unique and innovative business models of Shoes of Prey and INDOCHINO. Join the founders of these two young and powerful fashion brands to hear their big ideas about the future of customization, personalization and perfecting the customer experience. Jodie Fox, co-founder and CEO of Shoes of Prey will look at the impact of putting 3D technologies and other tools in the hands its customers, from celebrities to every-day shoe enthusiasts, to create a design-your-own shopping paradigm. Drew Green, CEO and Director of INDOCHINO will discuss how combining traditional tailoring expertise with a dynamic digital platform, a vertically integrated supply chain and one-to-one production on a mass scale results in the highly personalized fit and finish that consumers have come to expect in other parts of their lives.


Executive Vice President, Market Development, U.S.
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Shoes of Prey
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