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Retail's BIG Fast Track - Retail at the Speed of Disruption

Tuesday, January 17
North Hall, Level 2
Retail's BIG Fast Track - Retail at the Speed of Disruption

New York-based XRC Labs’ latest cohort of disruptors is in, and we have picked the top four to present their big ideas on how they see the industry shifting beyond traditional approaches to everything from customer engagement and personalization to global markets and customer connectivity.

ShopShops – The World’s Not Flat: Gaining Access to China’s Still Emerging Market
Geography itself should no longer limit a passionate purchaser hungry for far-flung brands. In this presentation, ShopShops Founder and CEO Liyia Wu will share what the future holds for brands in reaching China’s $160 billion market, removing the current obstacle of location, and still enabling an immersive shopping experience for highly sought-after brands.

Perseus Mirrors – A Smart World Stares Back
Take a good long look in the mirror and you may find what you like. Perseus Mirrors co-founder and CEO, Erik Skantze, will discuss the future of the connected home and consumer. What lies beyond the Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Nest in accessing consumers’ mindshare in the home? With the smart mirror as his backdrop, Erik will share greenfield opportunities where next-generation personal technology meets the Internet of Things, and how this powerful combination provides a central smart hub for brands and retailers to “own” daily interaction with shoppers.

Strypes – Hyper Personalization and the Me-Commerce Revolution
With pressure to constantly represent yourself in new and interesting ways, social equity in fashion has shifted from labels and logos to novelty and uniqueness. Co-Founder and CEO of Strypes, Alexa Fleischman will share how “sameness” and commodity shopping fail to adequately engage today's consumers as dominates this mindset. She will explore how to leverage mass personalization and personal brand building to compete and win consumers’ minds.

Banter – Beyond the App: Connecting With Your Customers in 2017
Less than 10 percent of customers download and use your native apps. So how do you connect with the 90-plus percent who don’t? Conversational commerce is the future of customer communication. Joe Beninato, Banter Founder and CEO, illustrates how customers connecting with retailers via simple text messaging increases sales and customer satisfaction while lowering customer services costs.


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