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Redefining 'Mobile'

Sunday, January 15
Hall A, Room 1A 10, Level 1
Redefining 'Mobile'

Our phones aren't actually mobile devices. Sure, if you have it in your pocket it moves with you. But if you set it down, it stays sitting on that table as you walk away. As we enter into an era of increasingly divergent mobile form factors, entirely new mediums are emerging that allow virtual and augmented reality. Retailers must focus on the customer: meeting them where they are whether it means shaping content or creating shoppable moments. In this session, meet with the industry's most advanced brands and hear about their approach to mobile. Get exclusive insight into their latest successes, failures and lessons learned.

Learn to:

  • Build technical foundations that allow meeting customers where and when they want.
  • Avoid pitfalls and pivot from lessons learned the hard-way.
  • Assess your mobile fluency: Simple formulas to understand where your business is and where you need to go.
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Touch of Modern
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