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NYC 2017 Retail Store Walking Tour Featuring Kellogg’s NYC and Sonos

Tuesday, January 17
EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage, Level 1
NYC 2017 Retail Store Walking Tour Featuring Kellogg’s NYC and Sonos

This topic will also be explored with Eataly and Sonos on Monday at 11:15, on the EXPO Stage 

From uptown to downtown to Manhattan to Brooklyn, this year’s store tour presentation is highly visual and will preview a new tour map mobile app with downloadable content. To optimize your NYC visit we’ve included three inspiring tours comprised of exciting retail innovation in omnichannel and technology, luxury and fashion, and food retailing. Retail experts representing the city’s top stores will spotlight some of the best retail projects of the past year. Come and learn what it takes to create New York’s best store experiences!

Learn to:

  • Bring the hottest new concepts to market and discover how New York retailers are addressing industry trends.
  • Compare and understand how key retail segments are overlapping.
  • Create a successful store experience in a very competitive market.

Self-guided NYC Store Tour available in the NRF mobile app! Download the PDF brochure and store listing here.

Store research provided by McMillanDoolittle. Store tour powered by Kurt Salmon Digital, part of Accenture Strategy.

Kellogg's NYC
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Kellogg's NYC
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