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Innovation Lab 2.0: Life Changing Technologies

Monday, January 16
EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage, Level 1
Innovation Lab 2.0: Life Changing Technologies

Which technologies will influence our lives in 2025? NRF asked some of the leading tech players to tell us what we will be using--so prepare to go deep into various segments to see what the future holds. Sure, we see drones today, but what will their impact be in our everyday lives in a few years and what will it take to get us there? Yes, we use wearables, but when will our basic clothing be "a wearable" without calling it such? What will AI's fingerprint look like? How robotic will robots be in a few more years--will they be distinguishable from humans? And what are we seeing today, that tomorrow will feel like a given? Our experts will take us into the future and define today's barriers that require change to build a futuristic tomorrow.

Learn to:

  • Identify the best cutting edge technologies and what they might look like in 2025.
  • Fit these technologies into retail businesses and consumer's lives.
  • Decipher which are right for you and worthy of your investment.
Founder and Managing Director
XRC Labs
RightHand Robotics
VP, New Technology Group