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Generous Brands 2.0

Monday, January 16
EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage, Level 1
Generous Brands 2.0
Emotional connection with shoppers has always sat at the heart of the essence of our industry. Five years ago Fitch challenged retailers to take-up the mantle and change both operations and culture from focusing solely on the bottom line to focusing on responsibility with a higher purpose. It’s time to revisit this topic as retail finds itself on the precipice of profound change: the approaching dominance of Gens Y and Z on the shopping landscape -- collectively the largest block of consumers in history and the most socially conscious by far. Join us as the debate shifts from "should we be doing more?" to "how much more can we do?"

Learn to:
  • Define your brand’s attitude toward generosity -- making it habitual and on-going.
  • Use your skills, expertise and resources to tackle problems -- Y's and Z's believe "actions trump purpose."
  • Acknowledge that people care more about what they can achieve with you versus what they can buy from you.
Chairman and Chief Creative Officer