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The DNA of the Digital Native Audience (Repeat Session)

Tuesday, January 17
EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage, Level 1
The DNA of the Digital Native Audience (Repeat Session)

Meet the Digital Native Audience (DNA) -- the first generation of shoppers in history for whom experience, facilitated by technology, has always been a fact of life. The DNA’s worldview -- individualistic, yet always digitally connected and malleable -- is fundamentally different from previous generations. Constantly experimenting with products as well as their own expressions of self and identity, this segment represents the future of consumer culture -- where the act of consumption and identity formation is now one and the same. Learn what this new worldview means for the future of branding and experiential retail.

Learn to:

  • Innovate your brand in order to appeal to the DNA and remain relevant.
  • Explore the “adopt-and-abandon” new tech lifecycle of DNA shoppers.
  • Embrace disruption, change and acceleration to engage the DNA's ever evolving identity.
EVP, Brand, Strategy and Design
WD Partners