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Cyber Security for the Small Business Experience

Sunday, January 15
EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage, Level 1
Cyber Security for the Small Business Experience

The Small Business Experience is free to Retailers.  View the entire program.

The majority of cyber breaches are targeted at smaller organizations, yet most small businesses don't have the resources required to protect themselves from cyberattack. As Domino’s VP of Information Security, Ethan Steiger gives direction to hundreds of franchisees every day. In this session, Steiger will give insight on what it takes to protect a small business in a dangerous, cyber world in a cost-effective manner.
Learn to:

  • Invest in proactive, risk-based protection for your organization.
  • Identify actionable steps required to build a security program at the appropriate size.
  • Distinguish the necessary components of an incident response plan.
VP, Information Security