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Radical Retail Highlights

Retail's BIG Fast Track - Retail at the Speed of Disruption

At Retail’s BIG Show 2017, he top four of XRC Labs’ latest cohort of disrupters presented their big ideas on how they see the industry shifting beyond traditional approaches to everything from customer engagement and personalization to global markets and customer connectivity.

ShopShops Founder and CEO Liyia Wu shared what the future holds for brands in reaching China’s $160 billion market. Perseus Mirrors co-founder and CEO, Erik Skantze, discussed the future of the connected home and consumer and what lies beyond Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Nest in accessing consumers’ mindshare in the home. Strypes Co-Founder and CEO Alexa Fleischman shared how to leverage mass personalization and personal brand building to compete and win consumers’ minds. And Banter Founder and CEO Joe Beninato illustrated how customers connecting with retailers via simple text messaging increases sales and customer satisfaction while lowering customer services costs.

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