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Store Visual Management


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AccuStore®, a GSP company, helps multi-unit, consumer-facing businesses reduce spend and accelerate their growth through customized site profiling capabilities and an enhanced store profile technology that allows them to understand their stores in real time. Retailers can build and maintain one, central knowledge source of site-level details so their entire organization is finally on the same page.


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Developed by NeadWerx, the MerchLogix platform offers the cutting-edge software and services that seamlessly integrate every one of your management and merchandising processes into one intuitive tool. With 30 years of retail development and expertise behind our name, we understand your number one priority — maximizing sales and minimizing wasted time — and we've designed this tool to simplify all of the things that can get in the way of achieving your goals.

One Door

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Great retail brands use their stores to tell stories, through their people, their products, and their displays. When done right, these stories create a bond between a brand and consumer that lasts long after the transaction is over.

We help retail brands tell great stories, using technology to improve how they collaborate across silos, localize their merchandising, and simplify the store experience. So no matter how many locations a brand may have, whether they’re in Amsterdam or Indianapolis, Beijing or Boston, there’s only One Door.

Unefi Inc.

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Plan, manage and reach perfect compliance with all of your in-store and digital campaigns.
One tool now gets the right message to the right store at the right time. It cuts costs and waste, while increasing sales and customer loyalty.