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In Store Analytics

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

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The world’s leading brands rely on Aruba Wi-Fi and mobile apps as an integral part of their omni-channel retail strategy. Our PCI-compliant wireless infrastructure gives you the fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi to better-manage inventory and customer interactions. And our Meridian-powered mobile apps let you leverage location and contextual technologies to connect with shoppers through wayfinding and proximity-based offers. With Aruba, you’ll create a rich, personalized mobility experience that encourages tech-savvy shoppers to make in-store purchases.


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Axper is an international leader in the people counting and tracking industry. With over 100,000 installations worldwide. The Axper team has acquired expertise working closely with North American retailers and mall developers.

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4253 is introducing ENGAGE to the public at the Big Show 2017. BlueFox Engage is a revolutionary way for brands and retailers to send promotions or messages to shoppers while they’re in-store. Coupons can be received at the moment of truth, just like what’s possible in the digital world. This disruptive and patented technology works with no Bluetooth, no App nor beacons!


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1963, 1975

Cisco has led the retail industry for the past 30 years, blazing the trail toward digital transformation with new technologies, software solutions, industry experience, and innovative methodologies. At Booth #1963, you will learn how to create a new vision for your shopper experience, serving customers wherever they are, whenever they are. See how you can improve associate performance with powerful productivity solutions. And harness the power of data to achieve new insights and raise your business to a new level of efficiency.


Cisco has led the retail industry for the past 30 years, blazing the trail toward digital transformation with new technologies, software solutions, industry experience, and innovative methodologies. At Booth #1963, you will learn how to create a new vision for your shopper experience, serving customers wherever they are, whenever they are. See how you can improve associate performance with powerful productivity solutions. And harness the power of data to achieve new insights and raise your business to a new level of efficiency.


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CountBOX is a worldwide provider and expert in retail analytics for brick-and-mortar retail, stadiums, and other public places. Highly scalable cloud-based solution delivers real-time analytics that enable retailers to gather vital information, analyze data, and increase profits through detailed insights. CountBOX provides an advanced suite of products that uses state-of-the-art video technology, Wi-Fi detection and sensors in combination with point-of-sale systems and other sources to display real-time data to key stakeholders.


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dunnhumby is the world’s leading customer science company. We analyze data and apply insights from nearly one billion shoppers across the globe to create personalized customer experiences in digital, mobile, and retail environments. Our strategic process, proprietary insights, and multichannel media capabilities build loyalty with customers to drive competitive advantage and sustained growth for clients.

Euclid Analytics

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Euclid connects the physical world. Euclid Analytics transforms how people engage with the physical world by providing essential visitor insights to power personalized experiences, long-lasting loyalty and online-to-offline attribution.

HappyOrNot Ltd

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HappyOrNot® is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. Our innovative feedback collecting smileys and intelligent data analytics reporting service help our clients to improve their customer experience, relationships, and employee engagement. We serve over 2,500 companies across 90 countries and have collected and reported on over a quarter billion feedbacks.

InvenSense, Inc.

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InvenSense, Inc. (NYSE: INVN) is the world’s leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms for smartphones, wearables and other consumer electronics devices with over 1 billion motion sensor devices shipped.

Coursa Retail, a location-based shopper analytics service from InvenSense, combines our deep understanding of motion sensors and pedestrian location tracking algorithm technology into a unique analytics platform for brick and mortar retail.

IPSOS Retail Performance

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Ipsos Retail Performance is one of the world’s leading retail analytics consultancies specialising in footfall monitoring and shopper behaviour.


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Irisys, the world’s #1 supplier of People Counting and Queue Intelligence solutions, is a high-tech innovator pioneering new solutions to bring strategic insight and expanded capabilities to the globe’s leading retail operations.

Combining discreet infrared technology and intelligent software, Irisys helps retailers improve customer service, market share, and profitability by combining innovative technology and user-friendly software that delivers actionable, in-store data in real time, resulting in faster checkout lines, sales-driven store layouts, optimized staffing, and more.

Ittiam Systems, Inc.

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IttiamInsite is a retail analytics company who provides in-store solutions for any physical retail space, big or small. Our discrete, plug-and-play hardware and easy-to-use, cross-platform applications put store traffic, shopper behavior, and detailed shopper analysis at the fingertips of business owners, providing them with the insight and hard data needed to improve capture rates and profitability.

LNL Systems, Inc

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LNL Systems' omnichannel solution, FlorComm, has helped hundreds of national retailers enhance the customer experience and improve store operations. The suite of products includes cost effective communication devices and location based alerts. Their retail clients include Coach, Staples, Marshalls, Foot Locker, Under Armour, and T.J. Maxx.

NCR Corporation

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NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leader in omni-channel solutions, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, NCR enables more than 600 million transactions daily across retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecom and technology, and small business. NCR solutions run the everyday transactions that make your life easier.

Periscope™, By McKinsey

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Founded in 2007, the Periscope™ By McKinsey platform combines world-leading Intellectual Property, prescriptive analytics and cloud based tools with expert support and training. It’s a unique combination that drives revenue growth, both now and into the future. The platform offers a suite of Marketing & Sales solutions that accelerate and sustain commercial transformation for businesses.


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Precima, Inc. provides tailored, data-driven solutions that drive sales, boost profitability and build customer loyalty. Leveraging our deep analytics expertise, Precima helps organizations improve their competitive position across all facets of planning and operations from price optimization, promotional optimization, assortment optimization, targeted marketing, and supplier collaboration. Precima’s credentials include solutions for Fortune 1000 brands and grocery retailers, including global market leaders.


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Prism is a platform for video compression and analysis that transforms ordinary cameras into smart sensors that are easier to manage and deliver real-time insights. Prism’s unique cloud service turns cameras into business intelligence tools that can be accessed from any device.

Retailers large and small, as well as other customers, use Prism’s platform to remotely audit, manage, and optimize their real-world businesses.

Prodco Analytics Inc.

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Prodco provides Retailers with accurate Traffic information and reports so they can truly understand their stores’ performance and real potential. We transform data into meaningful business knowledge so retailers can deploy the correct initiatives to help increase visits and convert a bigger percentage of visitors into buyers.

Proxidyne Inc

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Proxidyne, Inc., helps retail staff know when & where customers need assistance alerting them with automatic announcements on their 2way radios, smartphones or tablets.

Proxidyne Buttons make it easy for customers or staff to request assistance with the press of a button

Proxidyne Motion Sensors detect customers entering or dwelling in important aisles dispatching staff to close the sale, provide service or interrupt theft

Proxidyne Survey Buttons collect customer feedback powering customer satisfaction benchmarking


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The first retail vertical IoT integrated platform to bring e-commerce style shopper analytics to brick-and-mortar stores, brands and malls, RetailNext is a pioneer in focusing entirely on optimizing the shopper experience. Through its centralized SaaS platform, RetailNext automatically collects and analyzes shopper behavior data, providing retailers with insight to improve the shopper experience real time.

SATO America

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SATO America Brings New Technology to the Retail Industry

SATO is a leading provider of integrated AIDC solutions with a strong reputation for quality. Our comprehensive product line includes thermal tag and label printers, handheld labelers, RFID smart printers and tags, take-a-number systems, label design software and genuine SATO consumables. SATO’s expertise expands to provide complete systems for retail label and tag printing, warehouse management and inventory control and the overall branding and packing of retail products.

SenSource, Inc.

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SenSource Retail Analytics Solutions empower you with the knowledge to make wise decisions at all levels of your organization from corporate to store managers. With world class accuracy, reliability and support our products combine customer traffic with POS, staffing, weather and other related data sources to put the power of retail intelligence at your fingertips. Tailored solutions use Vea Dashboards Analytics Software with desktop or browser access to optimize customer experience, marketing effectiveness, store operations, staff performance, store layout, and queue management.


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See how Shelfbucks is transforming the retail and CPG industry Shelfbucks is the leading Smart Point of Purchase platform, allowing CPG manufacturers and and retailers to measure in-store execution and shopper behavior by enhancing current display and signage programs. Additionally, shoppers can engage with point of purchase merchandising to receive personalized offers and content via the retailer's mobile app - ultimately driving increased sales!


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ShopperTrak is the leading global provider of location-based analytics, offering insights into consumer behavior to improve profitability and effectiveness. Through the use of analytics, ShopperTrak enables clients to better understand their customers, enhance the shopping experience, and ultimately increase traffic, conversion and transaction size. ShopperTrak is now part of Tyco Retail Solutions, the leader in retail performance and security solutions.


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SMARTRAC enables brands and retailers to push the customer experience to new levels while managing the merchandise lifecycle end-to-end for maximum efficiency and agility. By leveraging SMARTRAC’s groundbreaking Internet of Things platform SMART COSMOS and leading RFID products for item digitalization, there will be no more limits to rapidly implement retail solutions for business growth, and take advantage of truly connected merchandise:

SMS Store Traffic

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At SMS we are all about traffic. We specialize in Retail Traffic Counting solutions and Performance on Traffic improvement through our software suite.

We will be showcasing the latest in people counting solution, the 3DScope II, along with our all new T.M.A.S. platform built around our “Measure, Empower, Grow” vision.

Softvision, formerly SPI

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Over the past 20 years, Softvision has served as the premiere global provider of digital retail solutions, retail mobility, retail analytics, merchandise planning, in-store engagement and quality assurance.

Spark Analytics

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Cloud-Based, In-Store Retail Analytics

Spark Analytics helps you increase margins and reduce shrink with a single, easy-to-use system.

We provide three, cloud-based analytic solutions for retail and food service providers. These solutions are easily managed and shared, specific to your business and quickly deployable.

Learn more here

Symphony GOLD/Symphony EYC

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Leading solutions to improve customer experience and optimize operations.
Symphony Retail Cloud combines the power of Symphony EYC’s customer-centric insights and Symphony GOLD’s retail planning, optimization and execution capabilities to create the industry’s first customer-centric cloud solution that enables retailers and manufacturers to deliver more than two percent revenue growth by translating customer intelligence into insights and actions that drive bottom-line decisions.

Xovis AG

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Xovis AG was founded in 2008 by David Studer, today’s CEO, Christian Studer and Markus Herrli. As experts in Passenger Tracking, Flow Measurement and Analysis, they created the Xovis Passenger Tracking System PTS. Todays leading system for Service Delivery Measurement (SDM) in the airport industry’s. A comprehensive 3D Sensor portfolio is also available for Retail and Industry customers to solve their Person Tracking and Counting applications with unmatched precision.


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Zenput is a mobile and desktop app for multi-unit retail operators to manage daily operational tasks in the store and audit processes at the field level. Currently being used at over 10,000 locations worldwide, retail operators are benefiting from real-time tracking of operational and execution data from their retail locations. Zenput’s flexible solution enables retail operators of any size to streamline their in-store operations and optimize for sales success.