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Merchandising Analytics

Blue Ridge

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The Blue Ridge approach is uniquely equipped to manage demand and supply planning for retailers and distributors in the most economical way possible. Beginning with the demand forecast, Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning doesn't just give you a statistical estimate of what items will do based on what happened in the past because items don't actually do anything themselves. It forecasts your customers and what drives them to buy, such as promotions, demographics, and a host of other factors, providing unprecedented accuracy to predicting where and when sales will occur.


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daVinci helps retailers create great assortments – better than they’ve ever had before. It’s great assortments powered by precision tailored product mixes that fly out of stores to drive higher sales and profits.

2% to 5% Increase in Profits:

Better store clustering and high-precision buy quantity calculator drive higher margins and profits.

25% Improvement in Productivity:

Integrated systems and automated processes let buyers focus on building the greatest assortments. Shaving a week off every monthly buying process.

100% Adoption Rate:

Sky IT Group

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Sky I.T. Group combines its expertise in retail analytics & data collection, with the next generation of business intelligence platforms to deliver SKYPAD. Delivered in self-service and interactive charts, graphs and dashboards, SKYPAD enables leading retail and wholesale companies with the visibility critical for driving precise in-season management, synchronized production cycles, tailored product allocations and enhanced retailer-vendor collaboration.