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Image Recognition

Aila Technologies, Inc.

Booth # 1236


Aila is redefining retail with a suite of iOS-based handhelds and kiosks that outperform traditional enterprise devices throughout the store. Our solutions for iPod, iPhone and iPad provide the most advanced image-based scanning platform on the market - delivering high performance barcoding today and expandability for the future. Simple yet powerful, our devices are enabling forward-thinking retailers to deploy engaging experiences for their customers and digitized workflows for in-store operations. For more information please visit


Booth # 4204


Catchoom Technologies Inc. is a private, VC-funded company and the first spin-off of Telefónica R&D. Incorporated in 2011, Catchoom is an image recognition and augmented reality platform that has provided 450+ million interactions to date. The company licenses its software On-premise and through SaaS. Catchoom's flagship product is CraftAR — the "toolbox" with web-based content management and creation, and consumption with its Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs (for Android, iOS, with plugins for Cordova and Unity).

Booth # RP23

RP23 offers an innovative conversational commerce channel on mobile messaging platforms. Our technology invites your customers to find visually similar items, get styling suggestions (‘wear it with’), experience VR (‘show it on me’) and more, using computer vision, AI and deep learning. Visit & our iLabs booth (cool swag and raffle!)