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Fitting Room Monitoring

Aila Technologies, Inc.

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Aila is redefining retail with a suite of iOS-based handhelds and kiosks that outperform traditional enterprise devices throughout the store. Our solutions for iPod, iPhone and iPad provide the most advanced image-based scanning platform on the market - delivering high performance barcoding today and expandability for the future. Simple yet powerful, our devices are enabling forward-thinking retailers to deploy engaging experiences for their customers and digitized workflows for in-store operations. For more information please visit

Alert Technologies, Inc.

Booth # 3477


Alert Technologies specializes in call button systems,occupancy sensing and traffic analytics for retail. We connect people and devices with an Enterprise level Internet of Things.

We customize the hardware with your designers to “Bring the Brand into the Fitting Room” and make reaching out for help in a buying decision as easy as pressing a button. We create clean, brand-right, and customized with no design cost.

Indyme Solutions, Inc

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Indyme is revolutionizing the fitting room experience with its new SmartFit™ fitting room management system. This enables retailers to link fitting room activity with traffic data to help them understand and improve utilization, resulting in increased conversion and sales. Armed with this data, retailers can make intelligent policy decisions including whether to lock or unlock fitting rooms and even alert security or in-store personnel on unusual dwell activity.

LNL Systems, Inc

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LNL Systems' omnichannel solution, FlorComm, has helped hundreds of national retailers enhance the customer experience and improve store operations. The suite of products includes cost effective communication devices and location based alerts. Their retail clients include Coach, Staples, Marshalls, Foot Locker, Under Armour, and T.J. Maxx.

SATO America

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SATO America Brings New Technology to the Retail Industry

SATO is a leading provider of integrated AIDC solutions with a strong reputation for quality. Our comprehensive product line includes thermal tag and label printers, handheld labelers, RFID smart printers and tags, take-a-number systems, label design software and genuine SATO consumables. SATO’s expertise expands to provide complete systems for retail label and tag printing, warehouse management and inventory control and the overall branding and packing of retail products.


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SMARTRAC enables brands and retailers to push the customer experience to new levels while managing the merchandise lifecycle end-to-end for maximum efficiency and agility. By leveraging SMARTRAC’s groundbreaking Internet of Things platform SMART COSMOS and leading RFID products for item digitalization, there will be no more limits to rapidly implement retail solutions for business growth, and take advantage of truly connected merchandise: