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Employee Rewards

Axonify Inc

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Meet Axonify: The World's First Employee Knowledge Platform

You’re probably wondering, what’s an Employee Knowledge Platform? Well, we’re the first! We’re different than a Learning Management System (LMS), and more than an eLearning solution. Axonify is for organizations who are ready to modernize their learning ecosystem by increasing employee knowledge, changing behavior and driving bottom-line impact.


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WorkJam is the only employee engagement suite on a mobile-first platform, empowering companies with shift-based and hourly workers to manage and optimize their entire employee-employer relationship life cycle with dynamic mobile schedule management, on-demand training and assessments, streamlined communication plus employee recognition and reviews.

WorkLLama, Inc. (nuVizz, Inc.)

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“Smart CROWDSOURCE. Flex WORKFORCE.” WorkLLama™ is a crowd-enabled workforce solution unlike any other. No other solution offers our powerful and innovative combination of technology, services, and real-time access to a pool of talented resources to successfully crowdsource, flex, and manage all your staffing needs.