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Digital Signage

Adroit Worldwide Media, Inc.

Booth # 747


AWM has created a platform for retailers and brands alike that integrates the web experience with point of presence using our LED Fascia and Retail Cabinets. Enabling gateways that communicate with consumers in real-time influencing shopper behavioral patterns. Further, the platform incorporates high definition cameras and the use of facial algorithms that drive personalized and relevant messaging instantaneously.

Aila Technologies, Inc.

Booth # 1236


Aila is redefining retail with a suite of iOS-based handhelds and kiosks that outperform traditional enterprise devices throughout the store. Our solutions for iPod, iPhone and iPad provide the most advanced image-based scanning platform on the market - delivering high performance barcoding today and expandability for the future. Simple yet powerful, our devices are enabling forward-thinking retailers to deploy engaging experiences for their customers and digitized workflows for in-store operations. For more information please visit

BT Group plc

Booth # 3181


BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, serving customers in 180 countries.

We operate globally and deliver locally, with 17,000 Global Services experts serving multinational organisations.

Our unique breadth of scope, reach and capability helps you solve the most complex business communications requirements on a global scale. We’re innovative in our thinking and dependable in our delivery.


Booth # 3853


From front-of-house to warehouses, hotels to restaurants, CDW’s architects and advanced technology engineers have been designing, implementing and managing technology, communication and security solutions for growing businesses for more than 30 years. With years of experience working with retailers, CDW knows what it takes to support retail stores and hospitality to offer a full range of technology solutions.


Booths 1963,1975,1977

1963, 1975

Cisco has led the retail industry for the past 30 years, blazing the trail toward digital transformation with new technologies, software solutions, industry experience, and innovative methodologies. At Booth #1963, you will learn how to create a new vision for your shopper experience, serving customers wherever they are, whenever they are. See how you can improve associate performance with powerful productivity solutions. And harness the power of data to achieve new insights and raise your business to a new level of efficiency.


Cisco has led the retail industry for the past 30 years, blazing the trail toward digital transformation with new technologies, software solutions, industry experience, and innovative methodologies. At Booth #1963, you will learn how to create a new vision for your shopper experience, serving customers wherever they are, whenever they are. See how you can improve associate performance with powerful productivity solutions. And harness the power of data to achieve new insights and raise your business to a new level of efficiency.


Booth # 723


Cloverleaf is a retail technology company for the modern brick-and-mortar marketer and merchandiser. Drawing on our background in entertainment and hospitality, we enable retailers and consumer products companies to deliver the engaging digital experience that today's shopper has come to expect. Major stores and brands use us to gain real-time insight and visibility into customer preferences to make better decisions and increase sales.

ComQi Inc.

Booth # 812


ComQi is a global leader providing a cloud-based Shopper Engagement Technology that influences consumers at the point of decision, in-venue, using all digital touch-points: digital signage, mobile, video, touch, web, and social networks.

ComQi is a global company headquartered in New York with offices in Toronto, and London with over 16 years of expertise and an installed base across every continent.


Booth # 445


Raising expectations for in-store digital experiences, Convergent is responsible for connecting brands with shoppers across hundreds of thousands of locations every day. We challenge retailers to think differently about how they engage with their customers and the technology they use to do it. We craft captivating and compelling experiences that increase brand awareness and turn consumers into customers. We make it simple to get started with a turnkey, cloud-based platform, low capital costs and a measurable ROI.


Booth # 1042


CrownTV is the industry leader in digital signage with offices in New York, France and Toronto. Our cloud-based dashboard lets you schedule and display content from any location on one screen or hundreds. Broadcast social media feeds, videos, advertising and more to engage your live audience, in one store or around the world. CrownTV’s constantly evolving apps enable businesses to access the largest variety of content and communicate more efficiently and effectively on digital display.


Booth # 4162


40 years ago Elo invented the touchscreen. Today we are re-inventing how you use them to shop, pay, work and play. A global leader with 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries around the world, our products are designed in California and built to last. The Elo touch experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. Elo intellectual property is protected by a number of patent, trademark and design registrations globally.

ENS Engineered Network Systems

Booth # 2970


As an industry leader in payment device mounts, ENS provides innovative custom solutions that put technology where you need it, when you need it. We design and manufacture everything from carts, cabinets, kiosks, work stations, flat-panel mounts and other custom products for top companies throughout the world. At ENS, we’re committed to providing superb quality, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.

Booth # 607

607 specializes on production of smart customer terminals and development of customer engagement platform. The main functions of the platform are: customer instant feedback, interactive digital signage, queue management, reliable customer sign up to loyalty programs and simple customer authentication.

Four Winds Interactive

Booth # 753


After 10 years, 6,000+ clients and over 400,000 screens deployed, FWI’s software platform is driving visual communications to millions of people everyday in airports, banks, corporate campuses, professional sports stadiums, hospitals, hotels, casinos, universities, manufacturing facilities and retail stores. FWI’s software is known for its advanced functionality - live data, interactivity, wayfinding, dynamic scheduling - that allows customers to deploy many types of applications, to many screens all from a single software platform.

Hangzhou Ontime IT Co, Ltd

Booth # 826


Ontime Interaction Display Solution integrates physical experience and digital introduction, provides optimized retail experience and helps brand owner to connect its online-offline business together. It calls the attention of consumer, leads them to pick up and focus on product details on display. Online payment and business intelligent analysis is also available, e.g. new products consumer focus comparison, marketing effects, etc.


Booth # 3843


Hughes innovation empowers retailers to drive store performance and elevate their customer experience. And as a global solutions provider serving nearly half of the largest 25 retailers, you can trust Hughes to deliver a fast and seamless digital experience.


Booth # 4521


ID TECH is a global leader in payment peripherals, with sales, manufacturing, and R&D facilities around the world. The company has become a well-established payment solutions provider with extensive experience in data capturing and encryption products and services.

Indyme Solutions, Inc

Booth # 4243


Indyme is revolutionizing the fitting room experience with its new SmartFit™ fitting room management system. This enables retailers to link fitting room activity with traffic data to help them understand and improve utilization, resulting in increased conversion and sales. Armed with this data, retailers can make intelligent policy decisions including whether to lock or unlock fitting rooms and even alert security or in-store personnel on unusual dwell activity.


Booth # 321


We understand that you have worked hard and invested both time and money in your company brand and marketing profile. This is why we manufacture our products specifically for your company, fully branded in your company color and with your company logo. Why settle for a black screen, or worse, market someone else’s brand. Make a statement with every part of your communication investment. We specialize in producing commercial grade Digital Signage products for demanding 24×7 duties, something consumer devices were never built or certified for.


Booth # 4323


At iQmetrix, we’re powering a significant shift in retail – a shift that’s helping retailers redefine the in-store experience. Our platform-built endless aisle, drop ship, digital signage and POS solutions currently power over 18,000 retail locations and counting. It’s time to grow beyond narrowly focusing on the purchase and move towards providing customers with great experiences at every touchpoint. Basic bricks will no longer cut it.

Keonn Technologies S.L.

Booth # 601


Keonn provides the most complete, seamless and advanced solutions based on RFID technology to improve the customer experience at retail stores while also increasing retailer sales.

Keonn’s product portfolio includes encoding systems, automatic inventory systems, interactive systems ( fitting rooms), loss-prevention systems and systems for accelerating the payment process at retail stores.

Lexmark International

Booth # 2553


Since 1991, Lexmark has been a recognized and lauded leader in imaging and output solutions that help people and organizations improve process and reduce their costs. Lexmark’s award winning imaging and output technology has continued to evolve as the world becomes more digital and connected.

Media Graph/TLS International

Booth # 256


With over 20 years of experience, we are a leader in digital fabrics printing and high-end display systems. Our up-to-date technologies and talented team of designers, engineers and architects allow us to remain at the forefront of displays innovation.

With a sizable production facility of over 50,000 square feet, a large inventory of aluminum profiles and extensive choice of fabrics, we provide clients with fully customizable solutions backed by the highest service standards where quality control is always our top priority.

NCR Corporation

Booth # 3405


NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leader in omni-channel solutions, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, NCR enables more than 600 million transactions daily across retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecom and technology, and small business. NCR solutions run the everyday transactions that make your life easier.

Parabit Systems, Inc

Booth # 1057


Parabit Systems is a full-service engineering, design, integration, and manufacturing company located in the heart of Long Island, just 30 minutes from New York City. Our reach is nationwide, with satellite offices in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. From total security solutions, to self-service kiosks and digital signage, Parabit’s mission is to enhance and protect your business.


Booth # 2563


Pedab delivers solutions and services from world leading IT suppliers to businesses via a carefully selected network of local partners across the Nordics. Together with our partners we cover the areas of infrastructure, cloud, analytics, mobility, social, security, commerce and big data.

Perch Interactive

Booth # 4155


PERCH is a robust turnkey system that unites Form Factors, Content and Cloud Services
to provide a dynamic, interactive media platform for product display with built-in shopper analytics.


Booth # 4257


25 % of your potential sales leave your store every day.?

Did you even know they were there?

Brand loyalty and profits come from knowing how to satisfy your customer’s demands before they even step foot in your store.

• Get to know your customers and delight them with the products they want and the personalization they demand across every retail channel.

• Support your employees to perform better

• Boost sales and reduce lost sales due to people walking out

Scala Inc.

Booth # 903


Scala solutions deliver engaging retail experiences by connecting networks of digital signs, kiosks, mobile devices, beacons and Internet-connected devices. Scala provides the platform to easily create and centrally manage deployment of shopping experiences that are infinitely customizable, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and preferences of in-store customers. Scala digital solutions are perfectly aligned with retailers’ goals – to present an engaging shopping experience, influence and increase sales and create repeat, loyal fans.

Sophatar Inc.

Booth # 452


Our mission is to provide a more engaging customer experience by bringing some of the advantages of the web to physical spaces and provide this as an affordable subscription service.


Booth # 407


STRATACACHE is the industry leader in digital signage. Watch our solutions speak to your audiences.

Studio Squared

Booth # 917


Studio Squared (S2) is a digital content development company that provides shopper marketing expertise across the omnichannel retail shopping experience.

S2 has spent the last seven years concepting and creating over 11,000 pieces of content for the world’s largest retailer and other clients that can be seen via in-store digital signage, digital menu boards and online. Our content can be directly linked to over $400 million in media sales, as well as over $500 million in sales lift.

Telefonica On The Spot Service

Booth # 2346


TELEFONICA ON THE SPOT SERVICES is the Telefónica Digital content company specialized in instore Digital Media Services, with the most complete, reliable and innovative services helping companies to increase the profitability of their business through technology platforms and audio and video content.