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Customer Service Benchmarking

HappyOrNot Ltd

Booth # 2337


HappyOrNot® is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. Our innovative feedback collecting smileys and intelligent data analytics reporting service help our clients to improve their customer experience, relationships, and employee engagement. We serve over 2,500 companies across 90 countries and have collected and reported on over a quarter billion feedbacks.

Proxidyne Inc

Booth # 1237


Proxidyne, Inc., helps retail staff know when & where customers need assistance alerting them with automatic announcements on their 2way radios, smartphones or tablets.

Proxidyne Buttons make it easy for customers or staff to request assistance with the press of a button

Proxidyne Motion Sensors detect customers entering or dwelling in important aisles dispatching staff to close the sale, provide service or interrupt theft

Proxidyne Survey Buttons collect customer feedback powering customer satisfaction benchmarking

SMS Store Traffic

Booth # 2542


At SMS we are all about traffic. We specialize in Retail Traffic Counting solutions and Performance on Traffic improvement through our software suite.

We will be showcasing the latest in people counting solution, the 3DScope II, along with our all new T.M.A.S. platform built around our “Measure, Empower, Grow” vision.