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Chat Apps


Booth # RP1


Claire is a testing platform for new products. We help retailers identify best sellers and worst performers early in the product development process, increasing sell-through and reducing markdowns. Brands and retailers like Target, Kohl’s, Rebecca Minkoff, and Rent the Runway work with Claire to predict user demand for new products. Claire is fast, scalable, accurate, and built by Physics PhDs using the latest in artificial intelligence.

KORE, Inc.

Booth # 817


At Kore, we believe even the tiniest message has power – power to help us connect, collaborate, take action, and fundamentally change our relationship to technology. Together, our team is building a comprehensive communication and productivity solution that business need, with a simple and intuitive interface users love. Join us as we bring bots to the world.

Booth # RP23

RP23 offers an innovative conversational commerce channel on mobile messaging platforms. Our technology invites your customers to find visually similar items, get styling suggestions (‘wear it with’), experience VR (‘show it on me’) and more, using computer vision, AI and deep learning. Visit & our iLabs booth (cool swag and raffle!)