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Accelerated Concepts Inc

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Accelerated Concepts, Inc. is a leading provider of cellular networking hardware and services for enterprise data networks. Specializing in solutions for primary WAN access, wireless 3G/4G backup connectivity, device monitoring, and centralized management, we also provide industry-leading, Linux-based OEM services ranging from hardware design to platform development for device management, inventory, and configuration. Accelerated LTE routers deliver seamless business continuity to mitigate the rising costs of unplanned Internet outages.

Aerohive Networks

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Create new customer engagement opportunities and unlock powerful insights with Aerohive’s Personalized Engagement Platform. Using a combination of cloud-enabled Wi-Fi, apps, and an integrated ecosystem, retailers can leverage mobility to enhance the in-store shopping experience. With Aerohive’s Personalized Engagement Platform, retailers can tie connectivity, insight, and applications together to deliver location specific content, capture shopper traffic analytics, and create a smarter, more efficient stores that better serve the new generation of technology savvy customers.

Altierre Corp

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Altierre is a technology company that aims to bring the Internet of Things to reality. With cutting edge technology involving deep expertise in ultra-low energy, long-range wireless chips, displays, sensors, systems and software it can quickly innovate new solutions to a variety of industries and applications.

APG Cash Drawer

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APG Cash Drawer offers solutions built to fit your environment. Come see our solutions built for mPOS, cash recycling & innovative SMARTtill® Cash Management Technology at NRF 2017.

In September 2015, APG Cash Drawer merged with Cash Bases to create a world-leading Cash Management Solution company. This merger brings the award-winning SMARTtill® Cash Management Technology to new markets in North America.


Booth # 417


Since 1998, ARCA has been committed to helping people control and streamline cash operations in bank branches, retail stores and self-service kiosks.

By focusing on technology and services, ARCA delivers thoughtful solutions to make transactions simpler, more efficient and more secure. Today, ARCA provides the largest selection of cash handling devices of any manufacturer in the world.

To learn more about ARCA's innovative culture and commitment to our customers, please visit our website

Cashmaster International Ltd.

Booth # 216


Cashmaster is a global provider of count-by-weight cash counting-products. Our devices are designed and manufactured at our Head Office in Scotland and our clients include some of the world’s largest Blue Chip international clients in the retail, banking and restaurant sectors.

Cima Spa

Booth # 617


Specialist in the cash handling, for more than 60 years CIMA has been a point of reference for the banking market and for the retail world. It proposes solutions both for the handling of banknotes and of coins; TCR such as the very popular AST7000NT, self-service such as the brand new CASHERE and deposit, the latter represented by all models of the families SDM and CDS.

Cloud4Wi Inc.

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Cloud4Wi offers the industry’s leading Volare services platform for advanced guest Wi-Fi. With Volare, large retail and restaurant chains, and shopping malls build their brands by leveraging their existing Wi-Fi networks to provide superior on-site mobile experiences, while gaining valuable customer insights.

Comcast Business Enterprise Solutions

Booth # 1209


Today, companies need a robust technology solution that puts them at the forefront of a rapidly changing business environment. Comcast Business provides a variety of enterprise solutions from network connectivity to managed services that enable large businesses to simplify the complexity of their network in the face of dynamic innovation.

Corporate IT Solutions

Booth # 1154


Corporate IT Solutions (CIS) is on a mission to change the rules for wide area networking design, creating a new paradigm for the delivery of WAN solutions offering the flexibility and support clients want at a price point that drives down overall network expenses. With more than 10,000 sites installed throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, CIS is a proven business partner that understands the unique IT and network needs of enterprise organizations in the retail, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare and financial services industries.

Countwise LLC

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CountWise is a global technology company providing people-traffic monitoring solutions to private and public entities. Our suite of innovative products and services helps businesses optimize their:
People Counting
Customer Behavior
Customer Service
Queue Management

Displaydata Ltd.

Booth # 4225


Displaydata is the leader in the design and supply of fully graphic electronic shelf labels (ESLs). We were first to market with three color ESLs and continue to lead this category having shipped millions of labels. We work in close partnership with many of the world’s largest retail brands and have operations in the US, Europe, LATAM and Asia. We help retailers optimise revenues and margins by improving the customer experience at the shelf-edge, where most purchasing decisions are made.

FireKing Security Group

Booth # 3471


Our safes and cash management solutions deliver the real-time business analytics required to maximize productivity and cash flow, while minimizing the risk of armed robbery, burglary and internal theft. Our Image Vault® DVRs can be networked with POS systems, safes, and door alarms to effectively combat theft and increase safety. Services for safes and entry doors include rollout planning, installation, training and 24/7/365 support. Learn more about our great products at

Glory Global Solutions

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Customers count on Glory Global Solutions every day to transform their business. Glory is a world-wide recognized leader of cash technologies that manage and control cash, reduce costs, and increase revenues for numerous US retailers and 9 of the top 10 US financial institutions. Glory Global Solutions employs over 2,500 professionals worldwide and has a distribution network reaching over 100 countries supported by the technical expertise of parent company GLORY.

Maken Cash Drawer

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MAKEN is dedicated to manufacturing a broad range of high-quality cash drawers and other related products for POS terminal, ECR, etc. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in all aspects of product design and manufacturing process, and recognize our great responsibilities to our customers, employees, suppliers and society. We intend to adopt advance production facilities to improve efficiency and ensure high and stable quality, and further reduce the production cost. The objective is to create reliable, viable& affordable cash handling solutions.


Booth # 1325


MMF POS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cash drawers, payment terminal stands, tablet enclosures and stands, mounting solutions and other accessories for POS applications. Our brands include Advantage, Heritage, MediaPLUS, VAL-u Line, and our new PayVue branded illuminated cash drawers.

OnStar Go

Booth # RP19


IBM and General Motors teamed up to create the industry’s first cognitive mobility platform and ecosystem—OnStar® Go™. This platform enables millions of OnStar-connected drivers to interact directly with your brand for personal experiences that make time spent in the car more rewarding. Potential customers are in their connected cars an average of 46 minutes a day as they complete the rituals of shopping, dining and, increasingly, living life on the move. Engaging them in their vehicles has been limited to the mass-messaging approach of radio and out-of-home advertising—until now.


Booth # 4443


Pricer AB, founded in Sweden in 1991, is the global leader in providing in-store digital shelf-edge solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. Our infrared electronic shelf label platform is fast, robust, interconnectable and scalable.

We work with the world’s top retailers, small and large alike: grocers, DIY, electronics and specialty stores. So far, Pricer has sold more than 140 million electronic shelf labels to 13,500 stores in 50 countries. The Pricer share is traded on the Small Cap list of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Revolution Retail Systems

Booth # 3977


Revolution Retail Systems has established a reputation as the leading global cash management engineering firm. Our success is a reflection of always delivering premium customer service to support our industry leading innovative cash management solutions. RRS offers an array of scalable cash & coin recycling systems to meet your cash handling objectives, reduce store operating expenses, & increase your bottom line.


Booth # 4421


SES-imagotag is a specialist in digital solutions for physical retail and a world leader in electronic labeling systems. The Group designs and markets all the components of its solutions (software, radio-frequency infrastructure, labels and mounts), thus providing its clients with a turnkey solution. The range of products and services offered by SES-imagotag allows retailers to manage pricing dynamically, while improving store productivity and developing new contactless uses for consumers.

Solum America Inc.

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ifferentiated technology for best modules and solutions

Power modules

SoluM perfected the integrated module (IPEM/EPEM) through modularization of control IC and passive element as well as removal of discrete device package in the power system for display, adapter, light, server, etc. Our core technology reduces number of components and makes slimmer and lighter complete products. This secures high efficiency and product reliability and becomes an edge of the leading company SoluM in the worldwide trend for light, thin, short and small devices (輕薄短小).


Booth # 4247


SUZOHAPP provides highly engineered cash processing solutions in the retail, finance, transportation and cash center markets. SUZOHAPP’s solutions include currency handling equipment, display solutions, machine operation components and payment systems. The combination of SUZOHAPP’s advanced technology and industry knowledge ensures that its solutions make cash handling efficient, easy and economically viable.

Tellermate, Inc.

Booth # 3876


For over 30 years we've been helping businesses count cash quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Today, Tellermate systems process over £1 billion daily in over 20 currencies and across 30 countries.

We’re trusted by over 250,000 businesses, including household names such as Boots, Staples, McDonald's, Burger King, Barclays and HSBC.


Booth # 3771


Tidel, a portfolio company of Graham Partners (a private investment firm), is a leading provider of cash management solutions that empower retail institutions across the globe to better manage their daily cash business, reduce risk, and increase profits. For more than 37 years, customers have relied on Tidel to provide the most innovative and reliable solutions that help secure, optimize, and streamline their cash environment.


Booth # 642


Retails growing need to support more robust business-critical applications, data collection, video, guest access Wi-Fi, and rich customer experiences in store has increased the need for greater network capacity and availability. Ventus Managed Network-as-a-Service delivers always on connectivity for all your retail networking needs, with solutions for POS, digital signs, kiosks, surveillance, WAN, guest access Wi-Fi, and more. Optimize your retail location with broadband, wireless, and MPLS hybrid networks that lower your networking costs while improving your network efficiency.


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Volumatic cash handling solutions are used by major retailers and banks to improve the efficiency and security when processing cash payments.

CounterCache is the market leader in securing cash at the point of sale, and our currency scales have an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability, making cash counting much faster and more efficient. The unique CountEasy TS touch screen scale is fast becoming the market leader for those needing more functionality and simple connectivity.