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Innovation Lab

Welcome to the Innovation Lab

Since its inception, the Innovation Lab has always been about products and technologies that inspire brands to innovate and customers to buy. The demand has been strong for more innovation, more futuristic and more creative technologies. And NRF has responded. What was once a small booth tucked away on the EXPO floor, now takes center stage in the River Pavilion on level 4 of the Javits (within the NRF Clubhouse). In 2017, the Innovation Lab was sponsored by VISA and focused on:

3D printing      |      AI      |      AR/VR      |      robotics    |      smart technology     |      wearables

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab Floorplan


2017 Innovation Lab Participants

ADS Realty Limited | Unique Interactive Augmented Reality Store Displays | RP30/31

Augment | Augmented Reality | RP10

Autonomous Inc | Retail Robots by Autonomous | RP5

Focal Systems | RP26

Intel | RP6 & RP29

InVRsion | Virtual Reality Stores | RP3

Loomia - Making fabric smart without wires | RP7 | Artificial Intelligence Visual Bot for Retailers (B2B2C) | RP23

OnStar Go by GM | Auto Mobility System | RP18/19




Right Hand Robotics | Robots | RP28

Sentient Technologies | AI-Customer Powered Experiences | RP20

Solchroma Technologies Inc | Digital Displays | RP21

Sols Systems | SIZERIGHT, Find your Fit | RP22

Thursday Finest | 3D Knitting Machine | RP4

Visa | RP 25

Volumental | 3D Foot Scanner | RP 11

Wearables: featuring Fashion Geeks and the New York Fashion Technology Lab | RP1/2

Xerox Corp | Direct to Object Inkjet Printer | RP8


The Innovation Lab is sponsored by:



The Innovation Lab is developed in partnership with:

XRC Labs