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Xovis AG
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Xovis AG was founded in 2008 by David Studer, today’s CEO, Christian Studer and Markus Herrli. As experts in Passenger Tracking, Flow Measurement and Analysis, they created the Xovis Passenger Tracking System PTS. Todays leading system for Service Delivery Measurement (SDM) in the airport industry’s. A comprehensive 3D Sensor portfolio is also available for Retail and Industry customers to solve their Person Tracking and Counting applications with unmatched precision. On top of the Sensor System, Xovis develops software solutions targeted at the specific applications of different markets. Xovis AG manufactures and develops sensors and software in-house and stands for guaranteed Swiss-engineered quality.

We specialize in:
Advanced analytics
Our key customers:
You are a retail analytics provider and you are looking for a flexible people counting and tracking hardware platform that can manage all area coverage and mounting height requirements in a single product portfolio? It needs to be easy to integrate, plug-n-play and future-proof? You are a retailer looking for the most accurate and yet nice looking people counting device? The Xovis PC-Series sensor platform is what you are looking for.
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Xovis PC-Series

The Xovis PC-Series aims to solve every people counting and tracking application with unmatched precision. With 9 sensor models the PC-Series covers installation heights from 2.2m to 20m.