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Woosim Systems Inc.


Woosim Systems Inc.
Woosim Systems Inc.
Booth # 416
Seoul, Geumchun-Gu
South Korea

Woosim Systems the leading manufacturer of portable printers. Established in 1994, Woosim has developed truly remarkable technology, including an ultra compact line of mobile mini printers.

These products represent effective printing solutions for present and future needs. The PORTI Series, which are the smallest printers in the world today, mark the patented, core technology which confirms Woosim's top rank in the mobile printing fields.

Woosim's team has developed new innovative technologies such as a unique printer engine, printer control algorithm, power management algorithm, Wireless communications as well as two dimensional barcode printing, which are requisite to mobile printing.

These technologies allow our printers to be used in industries such as retail sales, transportation, warehousing and distribution, hospitality, gaming, healthcare and for many other traveling and mobile computing needs.

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