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Upstream Commerce Inc.


Upstream Commerce Inc.
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New York, NY
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Upstream Commerce: Advanced Retail Intelligence Solutions.
Upstream Commerce transforms the way retailers around the world grow sales and boost margins by providing real-time competitive insights, smarter pricing and product assortment recommendations.

By delivering automated, real-time intelligence and analytics, we help companies across more than 15 retailing categories develop, implement and continuously enhance pricing, merchandising, promotion and lifecycle management.

Our company offers the most advanced cloud based retail intelligence solutions that include:

Pricing Intelligence
Assortment Intelligence
Predictive and Dynamic Pricer - Price optimization using rules-based pricing and predictive analytics
Lifecycle and Promotions Intelligence
Advanced Trending
Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Monitor
Many of the most innovative retailers in the world, including Staples, Toys-R-Us, Shoebuy, Woodcraft and eBags, rely on Upstream Commerce's advanced solutions for retail intelligence and analytics.

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We specialize in:
Pricing Optimization
Our key customers:
Enterprise retailers, omni-channels, pure online, brands and manufactures in different industries including: Apparel, footware, automotive, computer and electronics, books and music, office supplies, pet supplies, sporting goods, specialty and more.
Products & Services Categories: Competitive Pricing


Pricing Optimization

Designed to sift through a vast amount of mission-critical information, Upstream Commerce’s price optimization tool leverages business intelligence, dynamic pricing and predictive analytics to help hone in on customer demand and set the right price.