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Tyco Retail Solutions


Tyco Retail Solutions
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Boca Raton, FL
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We are combining the power of Sensormatic, ShopperTrak and TrueVUE to unleash unprecedented value in a digitally-driven shopping world. Our solutions offer a unique combination of real-time visibility and predictive analytics across facilities, inventory, employees and shoppers to gain an inside look at connected consumer demands.

With 50+ years of excellence, we have the expertise to understand your needs, the technology to meet them, and a comprehensive approach to help achieve your retail business outcomes.

We specialize in:
Retail Performance
Our key customers:
Tyco Retail Solutions, part of Johnson Controls, Tyco helps protect 80% of the world's top 200 retail chains with its premier Sensormatic®, ShopperTrak® and TrueVUE™ brands, as well as a full suite of premium safety and security solutions. Tyco Retail has over 1.5 million data collection devices in the retail marketplace, and captures 40+ billion shopper visits annually. That's power retailers can put to work every day to enhance their business profitability.
Products & Services Categories: RFID Software


On-Floor Visibility

Application helps maintain accurate inventory availability in real-time via RFID technology with a detailed sightline into a retailer’s inventory to ensure all items are available for sale; reducing markdowns and out-of-stocks.

Store-Front Visibility

Integrates existing EAS infrastructure with RFID-based inventory solutions and video technologies to gain deeper insight into items stolen, locations prior to theft, quantity still available for sale, and common trends that may indicate future incidents.

Traffic Insights

Innovative traffic solutions help retailers understand how many people enter the store, what areas get the most traffic, and how effectively checkout lines are managed to significantly enhance the customer experience and maximize conversion rates.