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ThinkTime, A Productive Edge Company


ThinkTime, A Productive Edge Company
ThinkTime, A Productive Edge Company
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Chicago, IL
United States

We launched ThinkTime because we were fed up. We’d spent more than 30 years working in retail environments; none of the existing Task Management or Help Ticketing solutions met our needs. We decided to build two retail-centric products to make your work easier.

With Retail Task Management assign complex distributed tasks by role or location, so the right employees get the right information at the right time. Build roles and hierarchies that fit your organization to a tee. Set up Quick Tasks for individual team members to handle day-to-day store operations via the web or mobile apps.

Retail Help Ticketing offers a range of features that serve both customers and store employees. Set up unlimited support groups and categories to route tickets, manage SLAs, and create custom submission forms to capture all the information you need right away.

Productive Edge (ThinkTime's parent company) provides both custom software and mobile solutions, delivering Intranet Communications with KPI and social components.

We specialize in:
Task Management
Our key customers:
Major Top 3 Retailer (USA), VF Outlets (USA), Amerigas (USA), Maverik (USA), Vivo (Brazil), Lindex (Sweden), JYSK (Denmark), PickNPull (USA), DeCicco & Sons (USA)
Products & Services Categories: Workforce Management