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Tellermate, Inc.


Tellermate, Inc.
Booth # 3876
Alpharetta, GA
United States

For over 30 years we've been helping businesses count cash quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Today, Tellermate systems process over £1 billion daily in over 20 currencies and across 30 countries.

We’re trusted by over 250,000 businesses, including household names such as Boots, Staples, McDonald's, Burger King, Barclays and HSBC.

We free up their staff to devote more time to the business by automating and speeding up the cash count. By checking for accuracy and giving detailed information, we help our clients make their cash transactions more secure and more profitable.

Our key customers:
Adidas, Staples, McDonald's, Walmart, Best Buy, Under Armor, T-Mobile, Nike, Disney, Ikea, CVS, Apple, Sephora, Rack Room Shoes, Barclays and HSBC
Products & Services Categories: Brick and Mortar



Count your entire cash drawer in 60 seconds or less with the Tellermate T-iX cash counter. Find out more at booth #3876 or visit