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Studio Squared


Studio Squared
Booth # 917
Richmond, VA
United States
Bronze Sponsor
Sponsor of Food Court Table Graphics, Column Wrap and Javits TV Ad

Studio Squared (S2) is a digital content development company that provides shopper marketing expertise across the omnichannel retail shopping experience.

S2 has spent the last seven years concepting and creating over 11,000 pieces of content for the world’s largest retailer and other clients that can be seen via in-store digital signage, digital menu boards and online. Our content can be directly linked to over $400 million in media sales, as well as over $500 million in sales lift.

S2’s success is rooted in its process.
 S2 studies the shopper — who they
 are, where they shop and how they shop. Using this information, S2 creates content that delivers the right message, at the right time, using the most effective medium (online, mobile or in-store) to reach consumers when — and where — they are most likely to buy.

We specialize in:
Content Creation