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Solum America Inc.


Solum America Inc.
Solum America Inc.
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Milpitas, CA
United States
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ifferentiated technology for best modules and solutions

Power modules

SoluM perfected the integrated module (IPEM/EPEM) through modularization of control IC and passive element as well as removal of discrete device package in the power system for display, adapter, light, server, etc. Our core technology reduces number of components and makes slimmer and lighter complete products. This secures high efficiency and product reliability and becomes an edge of the leading company SoluM in the worldwide trend for light, thin, short and small devices (輕薄短小).

Digital Tuner

SoluM possesses the leading-edge technology of internalizing the core IC part of digital tuner in the production of TV and STB.


Other than the above, we are strongly competitive in ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) in the global market beyond the South Korean border, which will change the tides of distribution field. Our ESL has been proven excellence in hardware development technology with 7-segmented information provision and successful visualization of wide range of information via 3C-Graphic. The ESL will provide our customer a total solution including the software for high speed information transmission.

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