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SoCal Safe Company


SoCal Safe Company
Booth # 4452
Montebello, CA
United States

SoCal Safe Company has been providing the nation with the highest quality safes and security equipment since it opened in 1915. SoCal Safe has continuously met its goal of delivering premium customer service with 100% customer satisfaction. Socal Safe has been designing and manufacturing products for cash and property security and robbery prevention, as well as products for the Pawn, Jewelry and Banking Industry for over 100 years. Socal Safe provides 24-hour, seven-day customer service and support. Information about the company and its products may be found on the company's website at

We specialize in:
Cash Management
Our key customers:
Our key customers cross many industries: retail, gaming, amusement and many others. Retail:Costco Warehouses: over 700 installations, Scheels, Wakeferns/ShopRites, 4th Street Market and others Entertainment: Arclight, Cineapolis, Universal Studios, Palace Entertainment and others Gaming: Cosmopolitan Casino, Southpoint Casino, Mystic Lake Casino and others Hospitality: Loews Hotels, Destination Hotels, Hardrock Hotels and other Providing Retail Cash Management Process Improvement
Metrics driven (and how):

SoCal Safe Company has been manufacturing and distributing Safes, Vaults and Security Products to protect the Retail Industry from Robbery, Fire and Internal Theft for over 100 years

We are the industry leader in Cash & Coin Recycling and Cash Management Solutions.  Visit Booth 1567 for a demonstration of the various MIMO Cashroom Automation System Solutions including



MIMO 300

The MIMO Systems were developed to help streamline your cash room operations, reduce FTE, and increase your overall cash security. Gone are the days when managers need to manually count registers MIMO allows cashiers to obtain their own cash tills and change funds throughout the day and then to make cash drops and deposit their end of shift tills directly into MIMO

The overall results are a significant reduction in vault staff & cashier hours, direct cash accountability with a very strong ROI

We have the best solution that can protect your cash and make your cash handling more efficient. 888-505-MIMO

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