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SMS Store Traffic


SMS Store Traffic
Booth # 2542
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

At SMS we are all about traffic. We specialize in Retail Traffic Counting solutions and Performance on Traffic improvement through our software suite.

We will be showcasing the latest in people counting solution, the 3DScope II, along with our all new T.M.A.S. platform built around our “Measure, Empower, Grow” vision.

We pioneered the use of pedestrian traffic data as a Key Sales Driver over 40 years ago and we now have deployed customer-centric solutions in more than 70,000 locations around the world. We continue to lead the industry in offering accurate and reliable solutions with innovative software tools to empower organizations, particularly at the store level. Our software allows retailers to empower their team, down to the store level, to grow sales by improving their performance on traffic.

We specialize in:
traffic counter
Our key customers:
AM Retail, Vans, Phillip Van Heusen, Shoe Carnival, Tilly's, La Vie en Rose, Timberland, ADOC, Hurley, Talbots, JJIll, Yellow, Dufresne Group, Frank and Oak, Cost Plus World Market, Vineyard Vines, Cazaldo Roy, Mastermind Toys, Modell's, Ron Jon Surf Shop


3DScope II

The ultimate in people counting: next-generation stereoscopic camera with shape recognition. We believe the perfect people counting device is one that "just works" and is so accurate that you can trust the numbers without any doubts.


Whether you are a small or large organization, T.M.A.S. is built to help retailers get insights on their traffic and improve their performance.