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Fletcher, NC
United States

SMARTRAC enables brands and retailers to push the customer experience to new levels while managing the merchandise lifecycle end-to-end for maximum efficiency and agility. By leveraging SMARTRAC’s groundbreaking Internet of Things platform SMART COSMOS and leading RFID products for item digitalization, there will be no more limits to rapidly implement retail solutions for business growth, and take advantage of truly connected merchandise:

The EXPERIENCES solution empowers brands to revolutionize the customer journey by turning merchandise into digital touchpoints for customer engagement and loyalty throughout the product lifetime. METRICS is a solution that can convert in-store item-level visibility and analytics into sales lift and gross margin increase for store operations.

But those are only starting points: Once physical goods are digitalized and connected to the Internet of Things the journey to a limitless universe of innovations for better business can accelerate.

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Brand and store owners with revenues > 500 M USD