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SenSource, Inc.


SenSource, Inc.
SenSource, Inc.
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Youngstown, OH
United States

SenSource Retail Analytics Solutions empower you with the knowledge to make wise decisions at all levels of your organization from corporate to store managers. With world class accuracy, reliability and support our products combine customer traffic with POS, staffing, weather and other related data sources to put the power of retail intelligence at your fingertips. Tailored solutions use Vea Dashboards Analytics Software with desktop or browser access to optimize customer experience, marketing effectiveness, store operations, staff performance, store layout, and queue management. With over 12 years of success serving over 45 countries, SenSource offers managed, hosted, and on-premise solutions to meet your needs from simple in-store people counters to multi-facility enterprise systems. Call now for your free 30-day trial or online,

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